What we do: 

We help you book the world’s best private helicopters. Our goal is to make the process of owning a luxury vehicle easy for everyone. We provide timeshare benefits for companies and people who own their own helicopter as well as when people use our app to charter their own helicopters. 

By using our app, people can book private helicopters at any time from any location in the world. It offers you the freedom to choose who you fly with, when, and where. You no longer have to be told where to go or when, but can instead choose from hundreds of aircraft located all around the world.

Marketplace For Renting Helicopters : 

One of the features is a “marketplace” feature. This makes it easier than ever for people to list their private helicopters for rent on our app and get paid faster than with any other app. This feature is optional and can be turned off if desired. We believe that this is a great addition that benefits both our users and the users who own the vehicles on our app.


Benefits to renting and chartering your private helicopters.

If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to hire your private helicopter, then our app might be just what you’ve been looking for. You can hire a private helicopter in no time with our easy-to-use app. With it, you can charter and rent helicopters right from the palm of your hand. And with features like real-time tracking and messaging, it’s never been easier to hire a

  1. Put pictures of interiors & Exterior: We offer the ability to upload pictures of the interiors and exterior of yachts from our app. This makes your search result listing much more detailed and easy for potential clients to understand how exactly your holiday/vacation will look like aboard the yacht they are interested in renting. 
  2. Reach Destinations where regular flights don’t go:  Our service will allow you to book flights that do not exist on regular flight booking platforms. You can search and book flights that are operated by private jets, helicopters, and chartered boats. 
  3. Book anywhere in the world:  You can book any type of vehicle on our app. Whether it is a private jet, helicopter, and yacht. The app will search for suitable flights for you anywhere in the world and then allow you to book them in a few clicks. 
  4. Shop Around:  We have many different flight providers and charter operators on the app, so you can search and book flights and yachts with more than one provider. 
  5. Booking & Scheduling:  The booking process is simple and quick. Once you have selected one of our suppliers that you would like to book your vehicle with, you can enter your personal information and payment details. Your trip will be booked and then scheduled for the day that you would like to travel. 
  6. Payments & Receipts: Once you have booked your trip or vehicle, it will be paid for via our mobile app. You will receive a receipt on your phone which you can show as proof of payment to the supplier. They can then issue the tickets or permits etc that you need to travel onboard the vehicle of your choice. 
  7. Easy Search: Types & Countries:  All vehicles listed on our app are sorted by type and operator. You will be able to find the yachts that have your preferred features, based on type and destination. 
  8. Checking Availability:  The app will allow you to check the availability of private jets, helicopters, and yachts that are available for charter. This provides a great way for people to book their flights in advance and make sure that they will not miss the perfect vacation/vacation opportunity.



Helicopters timesharing benefits: 

We offer timeshare benefits for companies and individuals who own their own private helicopter. Our app allows you to trade your share of time in your helicopter with other helicopters or jets. This is beneficial because the cost of owning a private helicopter is ridiculously high, so you can rent out your share of time on your helicopter or jet to other private pilots and pay a small fraction of the costs that would otherwise eat up all your profits. For everyone else, we offer a way of renting private helicopters.

for a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to make owning a luxury vehicle easy for everyone and this is one way of doing it. 

By renting your helicopters on our app, you can utilize the time-sharing income and increase the number of people able to enjoy your asset.

Helicopter owners: 

Our app features helicopter operators that can transport your clients via helicopter anywhere they would like to go within a certain range.



What we want to do: 

We want to revolutionize the way people travel and own luxury vehicles. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle on an everyday basis. Luxury should not be limited by the number of zeros in your bank account and we aim to give access to luxury vehicles to all people, everywhere in the world.

Why we do it: 

We are passionate about flight and luxury vacation/holiday experiences. Whether it be by air, sea, or land, we want you to enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious experience possible. We believe that freedom should be available to all people as anyone can access our service with ease from any location in the world using a phone or computer.