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Quality Luxury Vehicles

Luxury should not
be limited by the number of zeros in your bank account and we aim to give access to luxury
vehicles to all people, everywhere in the world.

Privacy and Safety

The flight has a safety record to be envied, but one should not overlook the fact that flying on a private jet has certain security risks, just like any other form of travel. Vayujets ensures our traveller’s safety with well experienced pilots, cabin crew maintained for your luxury experience.

Time-Sharing Benefits

We offer timeshare benefits for companies and individuals who own their own private jet and/or helicopter. Our app allows you to trade your share of time in your helicopter or jet with other helicopters or jets this allows you to charge for your luxuries.

About us

What we do

We help you book the world’s best private jets, helicopters, yachts, and even private gliders
and boats. Our goal is to make the process of owning a luxury vehicle easy for everyone.
We provide timeshare benefits for companies and people who own their own jet or helicopter
as well as when people use our app to charter their own jets or helicopters.
By using our app, people can book private jets, boats, and yachts at any time from any
location in the world. It offers you the freedom to choose who you fly with, when, and where.
You no longer have to be told where to go or when, but can instead choose from hundreds of
aircraft located all around the world.

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