Providing Recreational equipment with private jets and yachts

Vayujet is a team of aviation and hospitality veterans that offer private jets and yachts to provide basic safety equipment such as jet skis, life jackets, signalling device which will earn the owners a little extra money.

“The Recreational equipment is popular among jet and yacht owners for all those who often need to transport recreational equipment. This service allows you to make extra money with what you already have,” says Vayujet Director.

Safety equipment used in private jets are :

  1. Lifejackets
  2. Jet skis used on the M/Ys and the jets (with a small percentage of the jet skis)
  3. Life jackets (for the passengers)
  4. Life preservers
  5. Waterproof jackets for the passengers (for bad weathers) and for use during the flights.

These safety equipment are used in the M/Ys and in the jets and yachts as well. The owner of the private jet or yacht has to invest in the safety equipment and personalize each one to match your needs. The cost is a little more than ordinary safety equipment (mainly because of customized). The cost of a life jacket is around 15% more than the ordinary ones but you will get your money back with the rental service.

“There are different types of jet skis and yachts. Those who want to give their own safety equipment can choose items such as jet skis, yachts, cruisers and much more.” says Vayujet Director.
This is an advantage for private jets and yachts owners to earn a little extra money during the flights.

“If you are an owner of a jet or yacht, you can choose to give your safety equipment and personalize them according to your needs.” says Vayujet Director.

That is the main reason why we have created this website. We are offering our direct service in Switzerland and Europe with private jets but also yachts and cruisers. The profit will be shared by all owners, both of the jet or yacht and private jets.

The use of safety equipment in private jets is very common in the current times but it is not so popular as we wish that would be because this equipment can be used during yachting and cruisers as well. That can be extra money for owners when renting a private jet.